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Estudio sobre Social Media en el mundo (Universal McCann)


Os adjunto hoy una presentación del estudio sobre Social Media que Universal McCann lleva haciendo durante tres años.

Social Media: The definition “Online applications, platforms and media which aim to facilitate interaction, collaboration and the sharing of content”

Blogging: the impact. All companies and brands should consider employing them to create open and honest dialogue. Any blog that spins the truth will be found out. In a world of social media honesty is the only policy.

As a collective, the blogosphere rivals any mass media in terms of reach, time spent and wider cultural, social and
political impact. There are also major shifts into participation, pioneered by the Asian markets and now happening everywhere, even Germany. Blogging today must be embraced whether you are a marketeer, advertising professional or content producer.

El estudio data de inicio del 2008 pero sigue muy interesante.

Fuente: Merodeando, Futuristic Play