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You’re boring


You’re boring

Sorry, someone had to say it.

Your products are predictable. Your insights are recycled. You don’t bring surprise with you when you enter a room.

That’s why people are ignoring you.

Which used to be fine, because you could just buy attention for your brand or your company or your sales efforts. But that half-price sale on attention is now over.

The only path left is to lean out of the edge and become interesting, noteworthy and yes, remarkable.

Fuente: Seth Godin


Seth Godin on the tribes we lead (video TED)


Seth Godin, es además de ser muy divertido una referencia para todos nosotros.

Seth Godin:

  • writes the most popular marketing blog in the world;
  • is the author of the bestselling marketing books of the last decade;
  • speaks to large groups on marketing, new media and what’s next;
  • and is the founder of, a fast-growing recommendation website.

Pues acabo de encontrar un video de el en el TED (febrero 2009). Os lo recomiendo 🙂