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Pequeña historia animada del marketing


Una pequeña pero muy interesante historia animada del marketing desarrollada por la agencia Scholz & Friends.

Nos demuestra la evolución del mundo de la comunicación, la publicidad y el marketing. Desde el momento único de la recomendación one-to-one (pasando por los medios “tradicionales y masivos” de la comunicación), hasta la evolución de los medios focalizados, la saturación publicitaria y la falta de atención por parte de los clientes potenciales.

Gracias a este video se demuestra que la moneda de cambio en la actualidad es la “atención” que buscamos obtener. ¡Muy apreciada actualmente por cierto!


Whose Word-of-Mouth Matters?


Real friends more believable than online friends.

Word-of-mouth recommendations can move consumers to make a purchase.

Word-of-blog, on the other hand, is far less persuasive.

According to Mintel, 34% of US Internet users who bought a product or service based on a recommendation got that tip from a friend or relative, while one-quarter bought based on advice from a spouse or domestic partner.


Lower on the list were bloggers and chat rooms.

While bloggers may bring buzz to a product, converting the buzz to sales is another matter—unless, of course, the blogger is a friend.

“It’s interesting to find that as much time as we spend online, we still prefer a personal recommendation from someone we know and trust,” said Chris Haack of Mintel.

The most common reason that Internet users recommended a product or service was price, followed by quality and convenience.


The sheer number of people that purchase based on recommendations proves marketers need to pay attention to word-of-mouth,” said Mr. Haack.

Build a good product and consumers will spread the word—probably to people they actually know.

For more information, see Trust Word-of-Mouth.

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