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e-influencials: definiciones (incluido advertencia a las marcas que quieren falsear opiniones online)


Hemos hablado a veces de los infuenciadores online (e-influencials) que, en mayoría de las veces influencian igualmente en el mundo offline.

Pero un poco de historia antes sobre los e-influencials.

In 1998, Burson-Marsteller identified a group of online opinion-makers – e-fluentials® ( – who have exponential influence shaping and driving public opinion through the Internet and throughout the offline world. Compared with the average Internet user, e-fluentials are far more active in their usage of e-mail, newsgroups, bulletin boards, listservs and other online vehicles when conveying their messages.  While they are extremely influential online, e-fluentials also spread their opinions in the offline world as well. Their families and peers regularly approach them for information, opinions, and advice on a wide range of subjects, from business and politics to entertainment and health/lifestyle issues.

Civic-minded e-fluentials are more likely to vote, attend public meetings, serve on local committees, and make speeches.  E-fluentials, who represent 10% of today’s adult Internet users, have the power to affect millions of consumers’ purchasing decisions through word-of-mouth, and they influence more people on more topics than anyone else in cyberspace.  The expansive effect of this powerful segment can make or break a brand, marshal or dissolve support for business and consumer issues, and provide insight into events as they unfold.  For companies and marketers, there is an urgent need to earn e-fluentials’ trust, approval, and support.

Estaba buscando más información al respecto cuando encontré un post de Octubre 2007 de Burson-Marsteller. Antiguo? Pues, para España, en ningún caso. Hace poco estabamos intercambiando opiniones al respecto con Marc Cortes en el Cava&Twitts de la semana pasada.

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